BackChris Knopf

March 2018 - Current

Emergent Software

Lead Software Engineer

Working with clients to solve their business problems with custom software


  • Working with clients throughout the software development lifecycle. This includes sales, estimation, discovery, execution, and delivery.
  • Helping the company grow by improving company culture, being a primary participant in technicall discussions and presentations, and working to hire more quality software engineers.
  • Serving as the technical lead on projects. Aligning the team on high level objectives and requirements, unblocking engineers, and ensuring we deliverying quality software that meets our clients needs.
  • Expertise with Azure & DevOps for our infrastructure, deployments, source control and project managament
  • Working on establishing JavaScript and React standards
  • Gained experience building Progressive Web Apps and statically generated marketing sites

About this site

I built this site to demonstrate familiarity with the technologies listed below. This is over-engineered and meant to provoke discussion about the solution. The code is just as important as the content, checkout the github repo.

Tech used

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Contentful
  • JAMF
  • Pre Rendering
  • Mobile First Design