BackChris Knopf

March 2017 - January 2018


Senior Developer

Worked with a passionate team to develop and launch a daily fantasy sports product for the 2017 NFL Season.


  • Gained expertise building single page applications using React.js, GraphQL, and Apollo
  • Honed my skills with modern front-end tools & architecture patterns
  • Worked with systems that have predictable patterns of high traffic and display updated stats in near real time
  • Advocated for agile processes within the team, and releasing MVP solutions to maximize efficiency

About this site

I built this site to demonstrate familiarity with the technologies listed below. This is over-engineered and meant to provoke discussion about the solution. The code is just as important as the content, checkout the github repo.

Tech used

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Contentful
  • JAMF
  • Pre Rendering
  • Mobile First Design